ICRCV will provide an insight into the unique world stemming from the interaction between the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision. ICRCV will also provide an international technical forum for experts from industry and academia to exchange ideas and present results of on-going research in most state-of-the-art areas of robotics and computer vision.
ICRCV 欢迎并鼓励提交高质量、原创性的论文。会议收稿范围包括但不局限于如下主题:


Modeling and identification 
Robot control 
Mobile robotics 
Mobile sensor networks 
Perception systems 
Micro robots and micro-manipulation 
Visual servoing 
Search, rescue and field robotics 
Robot sensing and data fusion 
Localization, navigation and mapping 
Dexterous manipulation 
Medical robots and bio-robotics 
Human centered systems 
Space and underwater robots 
Mechanism design and applications


Image/video analysis 
Image-based modeling 
Stereo and Structure from motion 
Feature extraction, grouping and segmentation 
Scene analysis 
Object recognition 
Learning and Statistical methods 
Human-computer interaction 
Tracking and surveillance 
Biometrics; Vision for robots 
Activity/behavior recognition 
Medical Image Analysis 
Face and Gesture

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